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Live Virtual Online Training


Pre-requisite: Strong knowledge in Unix System Administration (any flavor of UNIX)

VERITAS Volume Manager (VXVM). VXVM is an advanced, system-level disk and storage array solution that alleviates downtime during system maintenance by enabling easy, online disk administration and configuration.

VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) is an application used primarily to create and manage nodes (servers) within a clustered network and the applications that run on those servers. The true benefit of VCS is found in its ability to perform what is called failover. Failover is best described as the process of bringing a resource down on one server and then bringing that resource up on another server with no user interaction required.

VXVM & VCS live virtual online training is customized as per Symantec, related to job skill set .Here are the following topics covered in VXVM & VCS .After completion of this course you are equipped with skills needed for advanced system-level disk ,File system administration and managing cluster nodes.


  • Importance of VXVM
  • Introduction to VERITAS volume manager
  • Installation of VERITAS volume manager
  • Disk layout in VXVM
  • Understanding volume layouts
  • Administering and configuration of file systems
  • Extending files systems online
  • Trouble shooting etc
  • For more detailed course content download here


  • Importance of VERITAS Cluster Server
  • VERITAS cluster server fundamentals
  • Preparing a site for VCS
  • Installing VCS
  • VCS operations
  • VCS Configuration
  • Online configuration of service groups
  • Cluster communications
  • Troubleshooting etc
  • For more detailed course content download here