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Live Virtual Online Training

UNIX - Redhat Linux System Administration

Redhat Linux administration live virtual online training is designed and customized as per UNIX system administrator job skill set for L1, L2 and L3 roles in UNIX system administration. Here are the following topics covered in Unix Linux system administration. After completion of this course you are equipped with skills needed for UNIX Redhat Linux system/server administrator to maintain/troubleshoot UNIX servers remotely.

  • Importance of UNIX OS
  • UNIX system Architecture
  • Unix File system architecture
  • Importance of Redhat Linux
  • Importance of system administration
  • Understanding role of UNIX system administrator
  • File system administration
  • User administration
  • System boot process
  • Run levels
  • Network protocols
  • NFS
  • DNS
  • Apache
  • NIS
  • RAID levels
  • Linux Volume manager etc.