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Ansible Course Online‎ Training | Online‎ Ansible Training

Complete IT Automation with Ansible is designed for System Administrators who are intending to use Ansible for Automation, Configuration and Management. myAnsible is designed the Ansible Automation Online Training Course globally for all users who want to automate Application Deployement, configuration management, Infrastructure provisioning and Multi tier orchestraion and could be the first step towards Devops Engineer.


  • The attendee should be good at Unix and Unix Administration Skills and Zeal to learn

  • The Course is explained based on Centos Linux 7

  • Mode of Training:

    • Live Virtual Instructor led Online Training

    • Required:

      • Good Internet Connectivity, Head Phones with Mic facility

      • Labsetup:

        • Discuss with Trainer for possible Lab setup

        • Total Duration:

          • 4 days or 25hrs

          • Course Content:

          • 1. Introduction to Devops

            Introducing Ansible

            Where do I fit with Ansible

            who should learn the Ansible

            Ansible over other existing Industry tools

            Overview of Ansible Architecture

            Overview of Ansible Deployments

            Describing Ansible Inventory

            Dynamic Inventory

            Understanding Configuration Files

            2. Deploying Ansible

            Installing Ansible

            Managing Ansible Configuration Files

            Deploying Ansible

            Running Ad-Hoc Commands

            3. Implementing Playbooks

            Writing YAML Files

            Implementing Modules

            Implementing Ansible Playbooks

            4. Managing Variables and Inclusions

            Describing Variable Scopes and Precedence

            Managing Variables

            Managing Facts

            Managing Inclusions

            5. Usage and Implementation of Operators

            6. Control and Conditional Statments

            7. Looping statements

            8. Implementing Task Control

            Guided Exercise: Constructing Flow Control

            Implementing Handlers

            Implementing Tags

            Handling Errors

            9. Implementing Roles

            Describing Role Structure

            Creating Roles

            Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy

            10. Optimizing Ansible

            Guided Exercise: Configuring Connection Types

            Configuring Delegation

            Configuring Parallelism

            11. Implementing Ansible Vault

            Guided Exercise: Configuring Ansible Vault

            Executing with Ansible Vault

            12. Troubleshooting Ansible

            Guided Exercise: Troubleshooting Playbooks

            Troubleshooting Ansible Managed Hosts

            Guided Exercise: Troubleshooting Ansible Managed Hosts

            Lab: Troubleshooting Ansible

            13. Playbooks Special topics

            Become (Privilege Escalation)

            Accelerated Mode

            Asynchronous Actions and Polling

            Check Mode (Dry Run)

            Playbook Debugger

            Delegation, Rolling Updates, and Local Actions

            Error Handling In Playbooks

            Advanced Syntax

            Using Lookups