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IT Services

Why choose TechZone365

At TechZone365 the customization and delivery of quality IT training & Support Services from industry experts is first priority. TechZone3655 shows unique feature of confidence for student/employee success with our training and support service methodologies.

  • TechZone365 translates the technology into measurable and achievable objectives for each student
  • We make you to understand why new technology is necessary and how it will affect to your daily jobs
  • Support the students in implementing, designing and developing in their required project
  • Providing job-role and process –oriented training to working professionals and validate acquired knowledge and skills
  • Providing hands on online lab services with respect to technology of your choice.

TechZone365 provides IT training, job support and lab services virtually by collaborating as a Technology partner with major consulting companies across globe.

  • Virtual Job Support Services
  • Virtual Lab Services

Virtual Job Support Services

Sustaining in the job is more important than getting in job, TechZone365 stands behind you virtually by providing job support in assisting/guiding to grab success in your areas of skill set.

Job support is presently available under below mentioned technologies

  • Unix shell scripting
  • Solaris administration job support
  • Business Analysis
  • Informatica administration and development.

Virtual Lab Services

TechZone365 stand ahead for all small and medium IT consulting and training companies in providing virtual LABS by customized and efficient hard ware as servers for 24X7 which reduces infrastructure and maintenance cost with maximum advantage for tailoring their consultant needs.

Consult us if you have any specific requirements

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